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From The Desk Of Kinghuman...

Look, you may not know me but here's just a quick little backstory just to let you know who I am and why you want to learn how to make money online from me.

 I used to be an overworked truck driver and I worked like a dog at it.  I literally worked at it 7 days a week and I worked extremely long hours.  At that time I thought the only way to make more money was to work more hours.  Can you relate?

Well that's actually the formula for failure.  Anytime you exchange your time for money you're destined to fail.  Why?  Because there are only 24 hours in a day so unless you find someone that will pay you $5,000 an hour you will never be wealthy and you will never have the free time to enjoy life. 

Here's a hard truth... if you want to become fully self empowered you need to learn how to make money while you sleep, while you golf, while you travel, etc.

That's what your boss does!  He makes money off of "income robots" that work for him while he does whatever.  Oh, in case you haven't figured it out - YOU are the income robot.

Well, to make a long story short I learned a few simple keys that took me from being a lowly truck driver to being an online income MILLIONAIRE.  Yes!  Me, a stupid truck driver.  I escaped being just another Battery in the Matrix.  How?...

First, I learned that to become fully self empowered I needed to take my life and my success path into my own hands.  Not hand my life and my future well being over to an employer that only cared about how little he could pay me and how much money he could make off my labor.

Next, I realized that school only "programmed" me to be a source of cheap labor for the corporations and plutocrats of the world and if I REALLY wanted to become a success I would need to UN-LEARN all that crap that was programmed into me and then learn the exact methods the online millionaires use themselves.

In other words, I learned to do what they do and not what they say!

Then I learned what they know and that taught me how to make PASSIVE RECURRING INCOME.  That is, the ability to make money without working - without exchanging my time for money.  Now I do exactly what the online millionaire "gurus" do and I make little automated online income robots and those robots make me money passively 24 - 7.

Sure, there was some setup involved, but making one of these "income robots" I can pretty much just relax.

Now I can travel whenever and wherever I want (and I do!  Before corona hit I took two trips a month on avg.).  I can buy just about anything I want with CASH.  I have zero debt, I only work (a few hours) when I WANT to and I am FULLY SELF EMPOWERED.  I live life on my own terms.


So what are these "income robots" - you may ask?  They are simple affiliate campaigns.

But don't get the wrong idea here... this site isn't just about affiliate marketing.  NO!  This site is actually a comprehensive educational platform where you will have access to a vast library of video tutorials on how to make money online in MANY different ways.

Affiliate marketing is just one of many methods you will learn.  I tend to talk about it because that method more than any other has made me the most amount of money with the least amount of effort or expense.

But if YOU want to follow in my shoes you'll need to get access to this education - and make no mistake there is a lot to learn.  This isn't an instant magical system where money rains down on you from the sky.  Rather, think of this like going to college.  Yes, it's that comprehensive.

You will also have access to done for you businesses in a box that you can brand as your own, sell and keep 100% of the money.  Yep, I could go on and on about what you're getting here but rather than go on and on about it I'll just stop here and tell you to get off your ass - be a boss and grab your FREE TRAIL membership. 

Look, if you're serious about becoming fully self empowered and making money online (like I do) then you need to take action.  I dare say if you pass up this FREE TRIAL MEMBERSHIP without taking action - I doubt you have what it takes to be a success in life.

I'm not trying to insult you but I'm a plain speaking guy and I tell it like it is.  I also know that one of the biggest factors that a successful person needs is that they HAVE TO BE AN ACTION TAKER!!!  So, the question now is... what do YOU do?

Do you take a simple action and start your journey to self empowerment?...  Or do you keep doing what you're doing and expect different results?  The choice is yours...

Maximum respect my friend and all the best of life!



New for 2021... YOUR OWN AGENCY:

Now you also get done for you turnkey money making product funnels that you can either operate yourself - or you can resell them over and over again to a hungry market.  This is now your own "site flipping" agency business. 

Just A Small Sample Of The Done For You Funnels You Will Get In Your New Members Package...


Here's What Some Of My Members Are Saying...







"This was my first launch, did $50,000 in revenue, based on your
teaching.   It was huge! Did you want to use this to try and motivate

your followers and elites? Anyway, just thinking how I can help out

and get people moving in the right direction.   I'm happy to catch

up on Skype if you are available.
All the best,"     -Steven


"Done nearly $12K in revenue in about 5 days! So pretty happy with that.
Just thought you'd like to know that another elite student of yours is now crushing it

and gonna be a freaking millionaire chilling with you in Vegas before too long haha!

Thanks for your help over the last few years and I will buy you a beer

whenever we meet in Vegas!



   "Thanks!!!! P.S I made my 150k with that software.
    I love you KH. This is huge money for us here in our stupid _______ed up country.




Kinghuman, You've got waaaayyy more actionable information on the Elite site than you let on in your Youtube videos.  Awesome!  Keep it coming!


Paul K.


"I thought you'd be pleased to know that at the age of 16 I made my first buck online today! I made $122 dollars and I wanted to thank you for sending me in the way of building my list and teaching me through your videos to never give up ! Time to scale.

Thanks a lot King Human"

Dec M.


These are just a very few of the 100% real, unsolicited testimonials I have on file from KinghumenElite members.   Look... I have TONS of them and I get more all the time, I just don't have room to post them all here. My sincere wish is that I get one from YOU.



What Your Membership Gets You

Q:   Am I obligated to stay A member for a minimum amount of time?

A:   No!  You can cancel your membership at ANY time with no further obligation.

Q:  Do you make it hard to cancel my membership?

A:  Not at all!  Inside the members area there is a Membership Management button.  Simple.

Q:   Will this make me money right away?

A:   I don't know, I don't know you personally so I have no idea what you're capable of but this is NOT a get rich quick scheme.  This is an educational system designed to take you from total "noobie" to someone that has the training, education, skills, and tools to make money on demand.

Q:  What support do I get?

A:  As a member you will have access to me via the members only phone voicemail system.  Just ask me anything and I'll get back to you with the answers you need.  You get direct access to ME... not an assistant! 

Q:    Exactly what will I get when I become a member?

A:    See the benefits box above for a basic idea but once inside the members area you'll be amazed at how much there is for you. You'll have access to over 2 years of tutorials, content , done for you businesses in a box and even done for you complete funnels and membership sites.

Q:    What is your most successful student making now?

A:    Well,  I have more than one student making BANK.  The one that comes to mind is making about $30,000 a month.  Bye the way, he's 17 years old!!!

Q:    What makes you qualified to teach me how to make money?

A:     Because I went from a NOTHING truck driver to making BANK and I know what I'm doing.  Who better to teach you than someone that's made a success of themself from scratch?

Q:     How much does it cost to become a member?

A:     Just $29.99 a month - when you consider that just ONE done for you funnel is worth at least several hundreds of dollars - you'll realize what a bargain this really is.

Q:    Is membership REALLY limited?  Why?

A:    Yes! I limit the number of members so I am able to help people on a personal basis.  If there are too many members I will be spread too thin and I won't be effective with my help. I don't use assistants either... you contact me for help, you get ME, not an assistant!

Q:    Exactly how much money can I make?

A:    There really is no limit to how much money you can make.  I know online guys that make multiple MILLIONS just sending out emails.  On the other hand I know guys that make nothing at all.  I can't guarantee you'll make huge money but I can give you my personal guarantee and I have posted it below...

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today will grandfathered in at the current price and will never have a price increase.

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*The testimonials above are all 100% real unsolicited and were submitted to me via email. For privacy reasons the still images used may not be those of the actual person. Additionally, for privacy reasons names may be changed and people seen in the video testimonials may not be the actual people that submitted the testimonial(s) They may be actors reading the actual testimonials submitted.  Testimonials may be edited down for purposes of saving space.

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